What's the Story with Dave Platta?

My name is Dave Platta, and I spent four decades in front of the camera as an award-winning local TV sportscaster. Like tens of thousands of others, COVID shot mandates cost me my job. 

For me to let this go without fighting would be an act of cowardice.

I’m just one of thousands who has been a victim of this high-handed, unlawful mandate mania pushed by private and public employers. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, factory workers, the military -– so many have had their lives upended and destroyed. Many are doing what I’m doing and taking it to the justice system.

But it’s an uphill battle against multi-billion dollar corporations with enormous political power. And fighting that kind of battle takes the kind resources that few possess. Someone has to break the legal log-jam and set a precedent to clear the way so those who have been wronged can get back to their lives. 

This is everyone’s fight. This is a battle to save the American way of life.

Together we can make a difference.