No, you’re not imagining things. That really is me popping up on Fox 54 in Columbus talking about high school football. The whole situation is, as those personal status reports say on social media, complicated. When I was hired by Tires First a year and a half ago, there was an understanding that if Mark […]


In times of crisis and uncertainty, what is the one thing we need and deserve from our leaders and our television stations? INFORMATION. More precisely, ACCURATE information. Gray TV’s bread-and-butter is their local news operations, which are for the most part the top rated sources in each market. The most basic tenet of journalism is […]


It’s time to get back in the game. I’ve been on a hiatus from social media for the past four or five months out of necessity. The stress I’ve been under since my professional world blew up 22 months ago has been all-consuming, and it started to overwhelm me and my family. I had to […]

WARNING! Big Pharma’s Stealth mRNA End Run

This might be the most important thing I’ve ever written – and not for just this website. And this may be the most important thing you’ve ever read. It’s been all quiet on the lawsuit front here lately, which is why I haven’t been posting all that much. All of the preliminaries in the case […]


The legal process moves at a snail’s pace, which makes it excruciating for someone who’s used to meeting a dozen hard deadlines every day. It’s one of those “the process is the punishment” deals for someone who’s high-energy. Every morning when I’m doing the Rosary I ask for patience, but I also ask the Lord […]


Thursday, March 2, 2023 Things are starting to move in the lawsuit. On Sunday, an amended complaint was filed with the court, adding what’s known as a “Bivens Claim” to the suit. In the weeks before Gray TV did the mandate, President Biden and other government officials were applying public (and  in some cases, private) […]


I’m not a theological scholar, and I certainly didn’t play one on TV, but it’s clear to me that shot mandates go against Catholic doctrine, the teachings of all forms of Christianity, and against the very essence of the American concept of liberty. For starters, there’s the fruit-of-the-poisoned-tree aspect. Tissue from a baby aborted in […]

The True Root of Media’s COVID Failure

The legacy media’s coverage of the whole COVID pandemic and the COVID shot mandates has been a disservice to their viewers / listeners / readers. They weren’t doing any kind of real journalism at any point – they were simply acting as a megaphone for the “official” narrative, with virtually no honest examination of the […]

Wait, what? Madness at the CDC

You could see it coming from a mile away, but it’s still hard to believe they actually did it. The CDC added COVID shots to the routine childhood shot schedule on Thursday. They’re calling for a two-shot series first at six months, then at age 5, then at age 12. Wait, what? Yes, it has […]

Huge Day at the Chattahoochee Valley Sports Hall of Fame!

Saturday was a big day for me and my family. Being inducted into the Chattahoochee Valley Sports Hall of Fame was quite an honor.  I spent 36 years doing my best to cover sports in Columbus and the surrounding area, and the outpouring of love and support this past weekend was absolutely amazing. There were […]