It’s time to get back in the game.

I’ve been on a hiatus from social media for the past four or five months out of necessity. The stress I’ve been under since my professional world blew up 22 months ago has been all-consuming, and it started to overwhelm me and my family. I had to step away to clear my head.

There were some awesome things happening, too. The birth of my granddaughter was certainly a source of great joy. There are also some professional media things in the works right now. We’ll see how they play out in the near future.

As for the lawsuit, things have been in somewhat of a holding pattern. There have been behind the scenes moves made that are arcane and boring, but nonetheless crucial in the grindingly slow legal process.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll delve deeper into the things that make the lawsuit so crucial to what’s going on in this country and our culture, and why bringing to account the people who disregarded basic human rights is so important for the future of our country and our cherished freedoms.

And I’m going to be doing something that I’m incredibly uncomfortable with each and every time I post, and that’s asking for financial help with the lawsuit. Taking legal action is expensive, and when you’re taking on the Powers That Be, it becomes insanely expensive.

This lawsuit is a battle versus a multi-billion dollar corporation in an area of unsettled law, with other even bigger corporations holding a vested interest in seeing our efforts fail, a literal David-versus-Goliath battle. I would call it an uphill battle, except that it understates the gravity of things. The hill we’re scaling is a mountain. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. Please donate at .

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