My lawsuit against Gray TV has been in the court system now for over a year, and the pace of progress has been nothing short of glacial. For someone with no patience who spent his entire professional life in fifth gear – Go! Go! Go! – it’s been particularly painful.

The actual lawsuit was filed in court in January of 2023 after 15 months of research and preparation. There have been revisions along with way as new evidence and discoveries came to light, and it’s still obviously a work in progress.

The process itself is maddening to the layman. The level of attention that has to be paid to detail is excruciating. In one sense, it’s obvious that it has to be that way – it’s about words and the meanings of those words. Being exacting is part of the deal.

On the other hand, the process itself is anything but user-friendly. The justice system is supposed to be a descriptive term – the application of the laws in a just fashion – but the way those laws and precedents are applied can make it feel like a Just-Us system, as in George Carlin’s famed proclamation, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

A good visual picture of this concept is from the movie Animal House, when the welding torch is fired up to chop up the fancy sports car that was lent to Flounder, as the fraternity president piously tells him “You (messed) up. You trusted us.”

Process is important, but it’s not an end in itself, and that’s seemingly been forgotten. That’s being charitable, because if that principle hasn’t been forgotten and it just being ignored, that means Process has been weaponized against the people and Justice has been served in another fashion – as a gourmet dinner for a select few of the most privileged.

That’s downright Biblical. Keep in mind that the Sanhedrin were supposed to be the guardians of the Faith and of Worship, but that institution devolved into a group that concentrated on the letter of the law, not the spirit. That invariably leads to making the law loophole-friendly, enabling the powerful to do whatever they desire and damn the consequences to everyone else.

And that’s the attitude that led to Flipping the Tables in the Temple, and to the resultant public display of power by the Roman authorities that has had Eternal Repercussions.

The legal process rolls on. We will see what the future brings.

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