Thursday, March 2, 2023

Things are starting to move in the lawsuit. On Sunday, an amended complaint was filed with the court, adding what’s known as a “Bivens Claim” to the suit.

In the weeks before Gray TV did the mandate, President Biden and other government officials were applying public (and  in some cases, private) pressure on corporations with threats subtle and not so subtle, and because of this, the assertion is that Gray TV was acting as a government agent, or in partnership with government agents, in demanding all employees submit to the COVID injections.

The amended complaint also opens up the possibly of having a trial in Columbus, since that’s where the civil rights violations occurred and where a large number of witnesses live.  The judge would have to agree to a change in venue if this were to happen.

On Monday, Gray TV’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss, but the judge ruled that the motion was moot since they were responding to the original complaint, not the amended complaint that is now in play. They have 14 days to respond to the new complaint.

This whole thing is moving in slow motion, which is frustrating to someone who’s used to go-go-go all day long. Patience is in order – not my specialty.

The one thing that keeps me going is all the kind words from everyone. Thank you for keeping me upbeat. It means more than I can express.

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