When I did the sponsored weekly “Friday Night Lights Preview” segment for WXTX on Tuesday evening, a couple of guests stopped by at the recording studio – Mark Rice and Mike Haskey of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

Mark called me last week and said he wanted to do a story on my return to TV in Columbus to try to explain to the public exactly what is going on and update everybody on what’s happening in my life, since in Columbus I’m semi-public property. I agreed to the interview because I know Mark and trust him to tell the story fairly. Having Mike along as a photographer only made things more comfortable, because I’ve known both of those guys for decades.

Mark started as a sports reporter at the paper back in the ’90’s, and Mike’s been a photog for the Ledger forever – you know, when my hair was still brown. We’ve spent a lot time together on football sidelines and at baseball games and I know their professionalism and their dedication to reporting the truth.

When I do media interviews, I’m not looking for the reporter to be my advocate. What I want is accuracy. I’ve been there, and I have always strived to have the final product reflect the true story, and I like to think I’ve had a pretty good track record for that over the years.

The conversation lasted nearly an hour, and it was a wide-ranging discussion. Both guys did their jobs properly and did some digging with their questions. It made me consider things I hadn’t thought about in depth before, and I hope I gave good answers, because I’m still not used to being the guy being interviewed. For the record, that was the first question Mark asked me – about being on the other side of the story, a really good opening question.

I’m curious to see their take on things, since an outside perspective on what I’m doing and what I’m going through will be valuable to me on a personal level. I’ve been too wrapped up in trying to keep things going to really understand my place in the big picture here.

I don’t know when the story will be posted, but I’ll link to it when it happens.

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